• CorpHI leverages a disciplined and quantitative Six Sigma approach that involves setting up a system and processes for the improvement of defined metrics in manufacturing, service, or financial processes. The approach drives the overall selection of the right projects based on an organization's business goals and the selection and training of the right people to obtain the results. It focuses on problem solving, aimed at eliminating the "vital few" root causes and is defined by a system of four macro phases: measurement, analysis, improvement, and control (MAIC).
  • With a solution oriented design/redesign mindset, CorpHI develops ways to achieve exponential improvement and meet/exceed clients' changing demands, technology and competition. By leveraging an on-going cross-functional core of support processes, known as Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), CorpHI significantly improves client profitability and accelerates existing improvement processes. In addition, reduces defects and variation in every aspect of the business, while offering complete process ownership and measurement of customer satisfaction.
  • CorpHI has a unique ability to synthesize multiple data types into a compelling client vision/action plan and streamline the project processes in such a way that they resemble other business functions. Since its creation, it has focused on integrating more seamlessly into the enterprise environment, and bringing multiple types of enterprise data together to create and convey actionable insights to:
  • CorpHI maintains an event/transaction based system with a history of past cycles in a database that can be analyzed for performance metrics, trends and more. The group has an unwavering commitment to continue focusing on customer satisfaction by streamlining processes, supporting and strengthening global operations and launching new products/services.

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