• Managing health benefits is more than negotiating with an insurer. CorpHI's work focuses on employer healthcare benefit solutions. It provides clients with the metrics, options, and education so they can develop the necessary fact base and then use it to craft specific healthcare strategies. This empowerment allows them to become the "driver" instead of the "passenger" of their own destiny and in general accomplish things never imagined before.
  • Considering that employers face healthcare benefits increases greater than 0%, CorpHI can lower employee healthcare benefit costs -on average and without cost shifting- by 10% for first year, 8% for second and 10% for third.

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  • By integrating medical claim history and Pharmacy Benefit Management data -utilizing its proprietary statPROFiLE™technology- CorpHI provides reports and analyses to help clients understand and manage factors affecting cost and quality of healthcare. It also helps clients analyze health care trends, identify factors driving up costs and provides options that lower expenditures and improve patient outcomes.
  • CorpHI's OneMEDx™ innovative, practical and open architecture approach, leverages employee/retiree financial and health-related information to offer savings, a long-term integrated "healthcare business" strategy for dealing with the broad healthcare system and move towards personalized healthcare that makes effective use of all applicable healthcare management programs.
  • Guided by the client's specific objectives to control healthcare costs and develop a long-term cost containment benefits strategy, CorpHI draws on the extensive epidemiological, pharmaceutical, health economic and clinical expertise of its 3TierPLAN™ 3-tier medical benefit plan initiative to give employees modest incentives to make better healthcare consumer choices and drive changes in the health care delivery system.

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