• For most companies of any size, there seems to be a never-ending flow of projects that need to be justified, planned, conducted and deployed. The way projects are conducted and managed today are either left to the preference of the project manager or burdened with too much bureaucracy and red tape to be efficient. The first approach leads to unpredictable and inconsistent results, while the latter yields far too many project cancelations and failures.
  • Realizing the need for a paradigm change and a market-based solution that follows an innovative and integrated approach, Corporate Health Initiatives Consulting (CorpHI) was founded on the premise that procedures can become standardized and processes repeatable with a high degree of consistency and speed. By standardizing and codifying tasks, it is possible to compare task performance across projects, make such analysis available, and empower in the process clients to deal with the broad enterprise and grow their business profitably in a complex marketplace.
  • CorpHI provides a unique combination of real-time business content, advanced analytics, performance metrics, detailed sources of savings and drives the transformation of project management in several industries. Its approach offers the standardization of tasks which exacerbate an organization's ability to understand variances in performance, and thus scientifically and pragmatically identify areas of excellence and areas needing improvement.
  • CorpHI's framework embraces a phased/transactional approach to projects, portfolio of services, solutions, and technology. Key client areas include comprehensive and integrated application environments that provide the transaction processing and data repository capabilities needed to allow this approach to flourish. CorpHI enables clients and their partner vendors to SEE what they are missing, ACT faster with greater confidence and WIN at the bottom line.
  • Paul V. Matsiras, Ph.D.   (Biography)   =
    Founding Managing Director

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